genius by birth,
lazy by choice

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genius by birth,
lazy by choice

Hero by Default

Ninoy Aquino is viewed by many Filipinos as a hero, who gave up his life for the Philippines. It was written in history books, and taught to children at their young age. His heroism is immortalized by his famous quote: “The Filipino is worth dying for.”

But what did he really die for? Did he die for this country’s welfare? Or did he die for political ambition? Finding answers for this question, even mere thought of this question, is very radical, if not heretic.

Many people fail to recognize the fact that he has strong ties with the Communist Party. If he didn’t die and succeeded in ousting Marcos, is the Philippines going to adopt a Socialist Economy and an Authoritarian Regime? One may argue, that there can be Democracy even in a Socialist economy. However, how can one enjoy political freedom when he can’t enjoy economic freedom? In such a situation, “democratic” rights may be limited only to suffrage, but the right to choose one’s profession would be highly regulated. Going back, is a Communist opposing an authoritarian regime noble? These questions are making a bit more sense, isn’t it?

Ferdinand Marcos is seen by many as an evil and oppressive leader. Call him a villain if you will. But was he really evil? Was history written with bias against him? We’ll never know, but maybe, he declared Martial Law really to stop the spread of Communism. Maybe, he took the role of a villain, and committed a necessary evil, despite knowing that history will judge him wrongly for what he has done. Maybe, the act of Ninoy Aquino opposing Ferdinand Marcos inevitably made him a hero. Maybe, Ninoy Aquino, because of overwhelming hate against Marcos and the want of brave souls to oppose Marcos, was a hero by default.


legacies of lightness are sometimes left by people with the heaviest hearts




I. Wala yan sa tagal ng trapik, nasa soundtrip yan ni Manong. Parang pag-ibig. Wala yan sa tagal ng relasyon, nasa lalim yan at saya ng pinagsamahan.

II. Ang pag-ibig ay parang pagsakay sa jeep. Tipong gusto mong sumakay sa harapan pero doon ka lang talaga sa likod. #FriendzonedLevel99.